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In addition to academic activities at Headquarters, CLEM2019 offers proposals for technical visits, as part of the scientific program.


Date: Tuesday, November 19
Schedule: from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Meeting point: Departure and return by bus (from and to Cottage)
Visits: - Laboratories
          - La Casa Uruguaya 


LATU - Department of Forest Materials and Products

Our mission is to promote the sustainable development of the country through the transfer of value solutions in analytical services. The LATU Forest Area provides analytical services of excellence in characterization of wood and derived products, according to international technological standards and requirements. LATU has two laboratories in the area of Forest products, one in Montevideo and another in Fray Bentos, where characterization tests of wood and its products are carried out. It covers various test areas such as "fundamental and mechanical properties" of wood-derived parts and products, pulp and paper properties "of wood and cellulose pulp," chemical and energy properties "of solid biomass in general, preservative content evaluation and performance of products such as panels, furniture and openings.


It is the foundation of the LATU oriented to Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + i), whose main objective is to provide the productive sector with innovative and valuable solutions that anticipate future challenges, through applied research, technological linking and networking, to boost development sustainable of the country. In the forestry area, it focuses on the industrialization of wood and the integral use of raw materials with a biorefinery approach. In this way, it collaborates in different phases of transformation such as sawing, drying, preservation and finishing, the development of products derived from wood as a construction material or for other uses, and the study of different physical, chemical and biotechnological processes, for obtaining of chemicals from residues of the transformation chain.


"La Casa Uruguaya"

It is a self-sustaining house built in wood, made by students, graduates and teachers of the University ORT Uruguay. The house was awarded the first prize of the Solar Decathlon 2015 contest. The project proposes a house that generates responsible consumption habits and promotes the efficient use of energy, built with the innovation and technology necessary to self-supply and thus improve the quality of life of the most critical social contexts. The Uruguayan House was also declared of ministerial interest by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, and has the adhesion of the UTE board and the support of the Ursea, Anmype, the Solar Board and the Solar Chamber of Uruguay, among other institutions. +INFO

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