General instructions

The abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee and later the main author will be informed whether it was accepted or not for the writing of the full article and its eventual presentation.

1.      The structure of the abstract should be as it’s given:

Introduction – Metodology – Development – Conclusions

2.      The abstract should be between 200 and 250 words. It must be sent before the 10th June of 2019.

3.      Do not use double space between paragraphs.

4.      The title of the abstract should be in Calibri 12 pts, capital letters, bold, centered, 100 caracters as max, including spaces between words or lines.

5.      Authors. The presenter should be the submitter person. A maximum of 6  authors can be registered.

6.      The submitter will receive the confirmation of the recepction authomatically right after the submission is completed.

7.      The format required as a summary of the article is also intended to be used to make a publication of the abstracts, which will be delivered at the start of the event, for consultation during its execution.

8.      The abstracts received after the deadline, will not be considered. The papers sent for its presentation will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee, which reserves the right of its acceptance or not.

9.      The verdict of the acceptance or not of the abstract recepted will be sent on 24th June, to the author submitter.

10. You must sent the abstracts through the webpage of the Congress. First you must register to the Congress and with the user and password given, submit your abstracts.

You can download the template of the abstract here.
In order to submit your abstract, you must create an account first. You'll receive an e-mail giving you further instructions on how to proceed afterwards.